Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Employees Cooperative Housing Society

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The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Employees Cooperative Housing Society Ltd Karachi was registered Cooperative Societies (Amendment) ACT 2020 Vide Registration No.SKH-12 dated 19.05.1971.


The main objective of the Society as laid down under Bye law No.2 shall be to carry on trade of building and of acquiring, buying, selling, hiring, letting and developing land in accordance with the Cooperative Principles and to do all such things for the betterment of the members as specified in the Byelaws of the society..

Road side

Water Distribution Network.

Security Network / Armed Guard & Chowkidar

Proper Electricity
And Gas

Our Meetings

Annual General Body Meeting Of The Society

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to view each project in its entirety, beyond mere physical planning, to include the optimization of social and economic needs, while treating both small and mega projects with equal emphasis to detail and quality.

Our world-class projects in Karachi epitomize the highest standards of development ever achieved in Pakistan. Street layouts inspired from foreign designs, carpeted roads, tiled footpaths, street lights, scenic gardens, green areas, latest metropolitan facilities and standards create a picturesque landscape in every community. Our developments reflect and complement the exclusive lifestyle of its residents.

Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Ashraf Ali

(President Of The Society)

Mr. Razi Akhtar

(Society Administrative Officer)

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2256 Sq. Yards


5264 Sq. Yards


667 Sq. Yards


667 Sq. Yards

Medical Center

1903 Sq. Yards

P.B (Industrial Hone)

1334 Sq. Yards

We are A Professional Team!

We focuses on recruiting highly efficient staff. We work on employee retention and satisfaction as they are our most important asset. Every department is equipped with skilled and enthusiastic employees, from Top to bottom. As a team and a family our sole purpose is to provide unmatched services to our clients which leads us to achieving our goals effectively and efficiently.

Development Work In Sector 27-A, 52-A & 53-A

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Address: Sector 52-A, KDA Scheme 33, Ahsanabad, Near Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi

Phone: 021 363 50054


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